15 months ago, I started this site. It is a mirror and a window for me. It lets me see myself and my obsessions in a new way. Last week, I accepted the road it reveals. I embraced the elements of the journey. 

That night, Jim and I sit in weathered wooden adirondacks on concrete porch, one remaining fall night warm enough to do so. He is backlit, and it is easy to say, "I feel like I have finally stopped fighting." Either from sheer frustration or exhaustion, not sure which, yet. Probably both. I decided: I am going all in with what I know best. Networking, Curating, Cooking, Writing. I am indulging my Fan Girl, learning all I can about the Interesting and Amazing, and then telling everyone and anyone all about it. I am moving out of an institution that has seen me through 2 marriages-2 children-2 businesses-3 degrees-2 jobs, and into a world of start-up, experimentation, and best laid plans. 

If you are unfamiliar with Snuzzles, you should change that. It is a unique restaurant. Family owned and run, it has been around for over 30 years, has never advertised and does not even have a sign. It is an unassuming wood building set back from the road on a hilltop in Mertztown. You open a heavy wooden door to terra cotta tiles under foot, thick oak panels on the walls, and grand stone fireplaces. Skylights and six foot windows fill the dining room with light. The bar has custom captain chairs that can make it very difficult to leave, especially if you have a seat in front of the fire in the winter. The kitchen is one of the cleanest, best laid out, and efficient you will ever come across. The beer is large, the prices fair, and the food comforting.

I luv these women. Fierce. Fuck'n Funny. DJ SheRa and the Dancing Dorans.

El taught The Girls that 'quality and consistency' are the basics, but that 'made with love' is the special. It is a lesson that I learned, and, It Is True. I have watched families grow, and see children now come in with their own children. People have watched me as I have grown in my adult life. We know each others stories, and ask about new chapters. All are welcome, and everyone is treated equally. It is a local institution.

El, Linda, Brandy, Shera and Holly have always left the door open for me to fly away, and kept it open for me to come back to shelter when I need it. They have helped me become me, and they have always accepted me as that. 

At months end I will be moving on to a local southern BBQ and craft beer joint on Main Street in Kutztown. The K'town Pub is genuine, and Jeromy, Zack and Jen manage to meet the needs of a clientele that runs from families to professionals to college students. All BBQ is smoked on site with local wood, and toppings & sides created from scratch in house. Jeromy and Zack decided the time was right to expand hours, opening for lunch service, and that is where I get to come in. I have been a fan of what they do from the very beginning. All I truly know of their future plans, is that they have 'Very Big Ideas.' That is my happy place. I am very excited to come in and help them build on all they have accomplished.

My new weekly 'Tuesday at Kreeky Tree' is the beginning of something I hope I am able to do with other local farmers and producers I admire. Spending a day in a space, helping with chores, and feeling the pace, the sounds, and the smell over a period of time will enable me to write from that place of 'what I know,' not just 'what I see.' From there, I can better introduce you to the remarkable and dedicated people whose passion we bring to our table, and whose commitment nourishes us. 

I am also moving into a venture with someone I trust completely. I think this one is really going to stick. I am at work on a 3 phase, 7 year business plan for a project that will let me fully engage all my obsessions. It combines food, music, and art with networking and cultural exchange. We are taking our first steps on a long road, but it is going to be an interesting journey.

Getting the voices out of my head. Eyes Wide Open.

All of this has happened in the last two weeks. My head is still swimming, but I think I have my feet under me. Readying for another leap.

O! Garan and I recorded 5 of my poems when he was here! I have 5 new audio files to play around with just in time for the cold weather. I very much look forward to the first night Jim and I can get out to The Cave and start messing around with guitar and multiple vocal tracks. You can hear two pieces that we did in the past, Click, and A Metaphor. Polyrythmia on Bandcamp. The others will go out through there as we finish them up. 

So, here I go! Officially starting a new book, not just a new chapter. I am planning a big Sunday Dinner while the family is all here, so Thursday recipes will start up again next week.

Passion and beauty. Commitment and bravery. Sometimes the thing you need is the thing that was always there. The thing that was always around you, waiting to be embraced.


Gallery contains shots from the past two weeks. Books, Food, Spontaneous Late Night Mischief, Birthday, and Recording. Good stuff.