A Home, Stony Run
A Home, Stony Run
I trace a painted line

I was a fortunate child. My parents are adventurous and daring. I lived across this country, and abroad. It provided me with a perspective wide in scope, and far in range. Sometimes, though, I could miss what was right in front of me, as if it was just a little too close to see, and I would neglect to reach out for touch. This Project has been brought forth from my new near sight. I have become grounded, and it is all because of the people and places showcased within this site.

I hope you will join me on my new adventure. It is now, in my time, that a book has begun to come to life. A Home is where a book will be born. A Home is where a book will grow.

Among the pages found here, are people, places, and things that I love. People, places, and things that inspire me, that make me richer than I was before encountered. Among the pages found here, are people, places, and things that have brought about a fledgling book.

I hope we make you richer through this, our encounter. I hope that if, like me, you sometimes miss what is right in front of you, that you may give pause, and look a little closer at the ground beneath your feet.

earth |ˈərth|

1. the fragmental material composing part of the surface of the globe; especially : cultivable soil

2. the sphere of mortal life, as distinguished from spheres of spirit life ~compare heaven, hell


Middle English erth, from Old English  eorthe; akin to Old High German  erda, Greek era

First Known Use: before 12th century