This day, inspiration from the Mojito. I started thinking about dinner around 2pm this afternoon. Primordia Farm Hub has had mint this week, and the scent will not leave me alone. It has lingered, behind everything and all time. So, This Day, I decided that mojitos were in order. I couldn't take it any more. But, what to have with Mojitos?

Apparently, this: Burst Brown Lemongrass Rice with Miatake Mushrooms, String Beans, and Shishito with a Basil-Peach Crostata for dessert.

Mint, basil, lemongrass; hot and cold; bubbly and unctuous (I use that word in it's original meaning); crisp and rich. Everything in balance. A lovely singularity. 

By the way: I am in love with Primordia Farm's Miatake. I really am. They make me happy. With equal parts butter and oil, in a hot cast iron skillet, they transform. The best part is watching it while it happens. Amazing. It is Magic.


Burst Brown Lemongrass Rice

2c. Short Grain Brown Rice

4c. Water

1tbl. Sunflower Oil

2tbl. Dried Lemongrass

Useful Items: Pressure Cooker

I use a pot for sticky rice and basmati, everything else goes in the pressure cooker. It is the only way to explode rice to perfection.

Place rice, water, oil and lemongrass in pressure cooker with top off. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, then place lid on, pressure level set at high. After reaching temp, cook for 30 minutes. Allow to depressurize naturally. The bottom should get crispy. Add s&p, and mix well.

Primordia Miatake in Butter and Oil

Shredded Crispy Miatake

1qt. Primordia Miatake: Shredded (I just pull it apart with my fingers)

2tbl. Butter

2tbl. Olive Oil

2tbl. Dried Lemongrass

S&P to taste

In cast iron skillet at medium high: Heat butter and oil. When the surface starts to shimmer: Add mushrooms, lemongrass, s&p. Cook until you see the edges of the mushrooms begin to brown. Using medium tongs, flip mushrooms to sear other side. Cook until you see the edges of the mushrooms begin to brown. Repeat these motions until all the little leaves are crispy, and a dark, rich brown.

Transfer to a medium size stainless bowl. 

Crispy Lemongrass Beans

1pt. String Beans

Olive Oil: To coat

1tsp. Dried Lemongrass 


Toss beans with oil, lemongrass, s&p. Pour into skillet you just cooked mushrooms in. Using tongs: flip beans every 1-2 minutes, watching for the skin to crisp, and the color to mellow. You will be able to tell when they are done. You want them charred, and the shade of the beans will go from oil to watercolor. 

Pour beans into bowl with mushrooms.

Squeeze one half lime onto mushroom and beans, mix well

Crispy Lemongrass Shishito Peppers

1qt. Shishito Peppers

Olive Oil: To coat



Toss whole shishito with oil, lemongrass, s&p.

Pour into cast iron skillet used for mushrooms and beans. Cook until skin begins to pull away (that was fun to write). Pour in 1/3c dry white wine, with peppers in skillet, to deglaze and soften peppers. When wine has cooked down and peppers are nicely charred and softened:

Combine all together, and toss with the other half of lime and mix well, OR: Place peppers in a small bowl, squeeze the other lime half onto peppers, mix well.

All atop, or around, depending on your plating preference, Burst Brown Rice.

Basil dipped in simple syrup

Crostata will follow in another post. I just wanna eat it, now!