All The World's A Stage

All The World's A Stage

This day was one of housekeeping. Not literally. My home is a mess. This day was keeping of this site. Learning how to build on pages, and growing the directories of the things and people I love. I think I have done ok for my first week.

I love process. I have long thought of life as that: a sequence of introductions and developments that offer the potential for understanding and growth. At points, time settles. Here, an opportunity, a platform from which to take a step into unknown terrain. A chance to pull aside a veil and reveal something indistinctly seen, and to hit the mark on cue, to open a new scene. 

Our stage, the present. Our backdrop, the terroir. Within process, the performance: dialogue and action.  "All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages." As You Like It. We all have within us the twelve archetypes. Through circumstance and choice, we put on a costume and play our part. If we are lucky, we are not bound by writer's convention, but improvise and break walls.

This day I present, to you, the first menu. These menus will be the scaffolding upon which my book is being written. I will define the theme of the meal, deconstruct each course into recipes, and present planning and preparation. Around that I will build the backdrop with vignettes of each grower and maker, until I have my theatre in the round.

This day, a menu. The beginning of a process.

4 July 2016: Joy and Friendship

Cucumber slices w Lemon-Dill Yoghurt Cheese; Baked Lemon-Potato Crisps w Lemon-Tarragon Sour Cream
Roasted Corn, Onions, Garlic & Lemon w Baked Cabbage Chips & Sour Cream
Primordia Farm Blue&Gold Oyster Mushrooms in Garlic-Dill Cream Sauce on Toasted Ricotta, Valley Milkhouse Clover & Lemon Polenta Slices
Jim's Cream Puffs filled w House Chicken Pâté, Topped w Whipped Dijon Cream; Champagne Vinegar&Thyme Mignonette, and Sour Pickle on side
Herbed 3Meat Balls, Roasted Tomatoes and Cipollini Onions w Walnut Parsley Pesto
Wilted 3 Kale w Toasted Walnuts, Apple & Cider Vinegar
Sarah's Spectacular Lemon Tart
Valley Milkhouse WitchGrass and Clover, Aged Gouda, with Apples, Cherries, Figs
& Sidecar


TFANA: An Octaroon, American Melodrama