On Degrees of Home and Distances

On Degrees of Home and Distances

Those of mathematic inclination draw an equation

and add a degree to a plotted angle,

or add perhaps another line to an existing

form in the hopes of moving closer to the truth

that lies inside a right wrought compass turn

upon white fibers pressed into adherence.

Their pondering and pontification on point to point

-though sketched in air – remains crosshatched

by each line and angle added anew through

successive generations as they grasp the baton in

the books, or maybe it is the birds from Plato’s apiary.

On degrees of home and distances

seems to be a subject beyond a paltry

physical experience, and yet I can plot

my course to this present point from east to west

and back again, through mother, father, sister,

brother, and all the years that fell along the way

while it is you that still remain the centered foot

of things to things from things.